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Irrigation System

Each 'complete solution' purchased comes fitted with an irrigtion system as standard.  The irrigation reservoir saves time and money and guarantees an optimalgrowth environment for your plants.  The Tanker® sub soil irrigation system has been specially developed for simple, effective watering of planters both in the home and garden. Incredibly simple to use, all Tanker® systems consist of a tank or  reservoir positioned under the rootball of the plants and linked to the surface by a flexible or rigid filler pipe. Water is then transported from the tank to the soil as required via a specially designed Geotextile wick which works with any reasonably good soil or compost. The result? – the frequency of watering is halved so going on holiday is no longer a problem, the roots are larger, the plant is healthier, it lives longer, has more flowers and no water is wasted! 

This replicates the Earths natural water table and provides ideal conditions for root growth.  The system is designed and manufactured in Great Britain and is the market leader for professional landscape use having been established some 25 years with full independent testing by The University of Readings’ Horticulture Technology Dept.  It is very easy to use with no moving parts to go wrong or need replacing. 


Key Advantages

* Reduce Maintenance And Keep Plants Watered While You’re Away On Holiday.  Filling the reservoir is quick and easy, and it won’t need doing very often. The refilling period will vary with different plants and weather conditions, but it typically only needs doing every 3-6 weeks (the indicating float will let you know when refilling is necessary).

* Bigger, Healthier Plants. The air space at the top of the reservoir assists in keeping the roots oxygenated, as well as keeping them healthy and free of water saturation. Studies have also shown that watering direct to the roots promotes vigour and rapid establishment of plants (compared with watering from above).

* Increased Fertiliser Effectiveness. As the reservoir is a closed system, fertilisers are confined within the container, and are used only where and when needed.  As a result, you will use less fertiliser, and its effectiveness will be greatly increased.

* Save Water.  Water is held in a sealed plastic reservoir directly under the rootball.  This saves water by reducing loss through evaporation, and by holding the water exactly where it is needed. In a period of heavy rainfall, the reservoir will also harvest natural rainwater, and feed it back to your plants.


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