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Lucey Of London are expert at providing complete plant and planter solutions for those who want professional results.  We pride ourselves on the service given and doing all we can to ensure that your experience is problem free. Anyone that has tried to source large planters and the appropriate plants to go with them knows of the long hours spent trawling Garden Centres looking for the correct combination. If you are lucky enough to find what you want then transporting them home becomes the next challenge. Oversized plants and planters do not easily lend themselves to most family vehicles and weight can also be an issue. Once home they have to be potted correctly with the appropriate drainage and soil, and sited in a favourable position. Finally correct irrigation and feeding of the plants in order to maintain colour and vibrancy is vital.


Lucey Of London provide a complete solution to all of these problems!  We have a fantastic range and our own in-house installation technicians.  Each 'complete solution' comes with a 1 year guarantee and full care instructions for your plant.  Every 'complete solution' comes with an irrigation cell fitted as standard which sits beneath the root ball of the plant and recreates the water table effect by supplying the roots directly. Each purchase also comes with a years supply of the appropriate fertilizer for your plant.   

Key Benefits For 'Complete Solution' Purchases

* Extensive Range In One Place

* No Heavy Lifting Or Transportation Of Items

* Professional Planting

* Irrigation Cell Fitted As Standard

* Care Instructions And Correct Fertilizer Supply

* Specialist Delivery By One Of Our Technicians - No Couriers Used For 'Complete Solution' Purchases

* Installation Times To Suit You

* After Care Service If Required 

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