Bartolomeo Bar & Armillaria Stool
A solid, easy-maintenance modular bar counter with a smooth design. It can contain 5 shelves and has 3 niches. It is designed to enable the installation of a countertop. It allows the creation of infinite structural solutions: reception desks, linear bar counters, and buffet consoles. The full range of bar accessories and its Light version makes "Bartolomeo" a versatile product for indoor and outdoor use.
IKON Planters Lacquered
A beautifully proportioned classic flower pot available in 3 Standard Colours and 9 Sizes from 40cm to 160cm Diameter. Also available in 3 Lacquered Finishes and 9 Sizes from 40cm to 160cm Diameter. These practical and elegant products are environmentally friendly and look good both indoors and out, helping to create attractive features. All are made from polyethylene (PE) resin and so offer maximum resistance to shocks, temperature (-65 to +85) and UV rays. The Khilia Range is Italian designed
Boyo & Harbo Planters
Totem vase with ample, sinuous shapes reminiscent of the stylised figure of a tulip. Combined with the "Boyo” vase, it may be placed to create great emotional impact in the environment, evoking a meadow of oversized flowers. Needs the fixing kit system. Available in 1 size, 3 Basic Colours and 3 Lacquered Finishes.
Sunloungers, Tables & Clothes Stands
This sunlounger, chair and sofa are for use in the garden or in an area dedicated to relaxation, such as a swimming pool, spa, resort or hot springs. The sunlounger inclination of the back permits correct and comfortable posture. Sky or technical fabric cushion available and the TBall table compliments this collection.
Big Cut Family Modular Seating
This comfortable armchair represents the main element of the "Big Cut" system. Its soft cushion makes it perfect both for outdoor and indoor use. The “V cut” is the common denominator of all the elements of the system, which creates a cosy yet functional space, ideal for dynamic contract furniture settings. The Pouf can be used as a footrest or in combination to create islands and various compositions.
Gumball Sofa, Boyo & Harbo Lights
Luminous vase of particularly imposing size, ideal to create points of light with a strong visual impact. Particularly suitable for spacious and airy environments. Needs a base in polished stainless steel.
OHLA Sofa & Chairs
Polyethylene armchair with dynamic and contemporary lines. Both indoor and outdoor rooms are decorated with personality. Matching to “Fuzzy Stool” or “T Ball”, used as a coffee table. A 3-seater sofa paired with the "Ohla armchair" to furnish relaxation spaces with a comfortable and ergonomic design.
Illuminated Frozen Bar & Tables
This illuminated modular bar counter is available in two depths to provide a larger worktop to place a coffee machine or other similar appliance. The lower compartment can house cold storage units and built-in appliances. The distinctive faceted surface “covers” the joints between the modules allowing for uniform and consistent combinations. The "Frozen" counter is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Equipped with a full range of bar accessories. The Dining Table & Bar Table are also available.
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